What is Vulcanization?

NWR takes recycled crumb rubber from end-of-life tires and fuses it together under extreme heat and pressure to form a solid, non-porous rubber mass similar to the way a diamond is formed in nature under extreme pressure and heat.

The Result?

This vulcanization process creates a hygienic, non-porous surface which repels moisture and bacteria collection. It also creates an ultra-dense, longer-lasting finished product, with up to 20% more rubber than polyurethane-bound crumb rubber products.

Engineered to protect your floor, engineered to protect you. Fit Floor's vulcanized recycled rubber construction contains up to 20% more rubber than polyurethane recycled rubber flooring. This gives FitFloor its superior density and shock absorption allowing it to better protect your floors from the rigors of your workout while providing optimal cushioning and energy return to protect your joints.

FitFloor™ absorbs up to 20 times less moisture than polyurethane recycled rubber flooring alternatives because there are no pores for moisture to seep into and most importantly no way for bacteria to enter. This poreless surface is key to preventing bad odors from forming and defending against the build-up of bacteria. Liquids simply remain on the surface to be wiped off with a damp mop.

Used in sports complexes, professional training facilities, ice rinks, and commercial gyms for over 25 years, FitFloor vulcanized recycled rubber flooring was engineered for the demands of these high-traffic facilities. Its ability to withstand skate blades, cleated shoes, and extreme weight drop combined with over 30 million square feet of installed flooring in commercial facilities proves FitFloor is engineered to last.

UltraSonic Cutting Technology

Precision cut with NWR's proprietary Ultra Sonic Cutting technology, each FitFloor PRO and FitFloor MAX performance rubber mat and tile is uniform in surface texture, thickness and squareness so you can say goodbye to uneven surfaces and tile separation. Thanks to this USC technology, tile joints lock together tightly giving a virtually seamless, professional appearance while helping to prevent tripping and stumbling.

We stand behind what we do and we continue to improve our products to ensure that we are delivering the best value possible to our customers.

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