What’s the difference between foam gym mats and tiles and FitFloor™️ performance rubber flooring?

Polyethylene foam mats and tiles are inexpensive for a reason. They are soft and comfortable making them ideal for yoga or a child’s playroom, but cannot provide the same level of protection from the demands and high impacts of a comprehensive home workout that includes aerobics, cardio, and strength-training equipment, weight lifting, and plyometrics. Foam tears easily is more difficult to clean and provides little antibacterial protection. FitFloor™ products are engineered from 100% high-density, vulcanized recycled rubber. This unique vulcanization manufacturing process means there are no pores for water or sweat to seep into giving you antimicrobial protection and commercial grade durability. Used in commercial sports complexes, ice rinks, and gyms all across North America for the last 20 years, FitFloor™ is engineered to last.


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