What makes FitFloor™️ the best performing rubber gym flooring on the market?

Long used by commercial sports complexes, professional sports training facilities, and commercial gyms, FitFloor™’ s vulcanized recycled rubber was engineered for the demands of these high-traffic facilities and can withstand skate blades, cleated shoes, and extreme weight drops. Unlike polyurethane-bound recycled rubber flooring which can puncture and tear, FitFloor will provide your home gym with a virtually indestructible foundation. In addition, FitFloor absorbs up to 20 times less moisture than polyurethane recycled rubber alternatives because there are no pores for moisture such as water and sweat to seep into and most importantly no way for bacteria to enter. With over 7 million square feet installed in commercial gyms and ice rinks, FitFloor is proven to last.


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