How do I choose the right FitFloor™️ product for my needs?

FitFloor™, FitFloor™ PRO, and FitFloor™ MAX each offer different characteristics (resistance, friction, impact absorption, noise and vibration absorption, etc.) that will determine what activities it is suitable for. It is important to select flooring based on the activities which will be performed on it. FitFloor™ is 8mm (5/16”) thick and is ideal for aerobics, under cardio and strength training equipment, and for light-free weights. FitFloor™ PRO is 10mm (~3/8”) thick and is ideal for all FitFloor™ applications plus the demands of your high-impact workouts such as plyometrics, Cross Fit, and moderate to heavy weight lifting. For the ultimate protection, select FitFloor™ MAX which is 12mm (~1/2”) thick and ideal for all FitFloor™ and FitFloor™ PRO applications plus extreme plyometrics, Cross Fit, and very heavy weight lifting.


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