So, you may now be wondering, “Where do I start?.” This might not be the answer you were expecting, but we suggest starting it simple with free weights. Believe it or not, free weights are truly the holy grail when it comes to changing body composition while strengthening your bones and muscles. They are also much more cost-effective and convenient if you plan on starting your fitness journey from the comfort of your own home. We’ve put together the main benefits of incorporating free weights into your routine so that you can start simple, while also seeing noticeable and impressive results:


The difference between free weights and resistance machines is that free weights don’t just work multiple muscles at once. They actually make them work together, which is crucial for coordination and balance. Our bodies also tend to have one side that is more dominant and stronger than the other, but free weights help to adjust that imbalance.

Not only do free weights target the muscles you’re actively trying to strengthen, but they also trigger your stabilizer muscles, such as your core, spine, and ankles. This allows you to get stronger in areas you didn’t intend on, whereas resistance machines do most of the stabilizing work for you - a true win-win.


The easiest way to prevent any exercise-related injury is to shore up your muscle imbalances, and lifting free weights is a great way to do just that. Since free weights continuously challenge your balance and strengthen your stabilizing muscles as mentioned earlier, this helps support your body and keep your joints in all of the right places.

If looking to further reduce the risk of injury, we highly recommend installing commercial-grade rubber flooring in your home gym or workout space. FitFloor’s vulcanized recycled rubber construction contains up to 20% more rubber than polyurethane recycled rubber flooring, which provides superior density and extreme shock absorption, better protecting your floors from rigorous workouts, and also providing optimal cushioning and energy return to protect your joints and muscles.


Looking to fit in a quick 30-minute workout session without spending time or money visiting the gym? Free weights provide you with the opportunity to create your very own gym space at home - one that is both affordable and space-saving.

We recommend purchasing a range of weights - light, medium and heavy sets. This will allow you to target different muscle groups, while also providing yourself with the opportunity to increase the weights as you see progress. Starting the weights at 5-8 pounds for upper body exercises, and then 20-40 pounds for lower body workouts would be ideal. You can then also purchase a weight in between for an upper body challenge/lower body break.


We strongly believe that free weights are the most versatile workout tool out there. All it takes are the dumbbells and some empty space for you to perform thousands of exercises to strengthen any muscle in your body. With the countless online tutorials and app-based workouts at your fingertips, it’s time to get lifting!

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