Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or are a seasoned pro, you may be inclined to buy every piece of fitness gear out on the market. But the cost of some equipment, clothing, tools, and technology can range greatly and it’s difficult to understand what has value and what is a money pit. Read on to learn when it’s worth it to splurge so you can get the best workout bang for your buck.

Home Gym Rubber Flooring

Although it’s one of the last things people think of when building a home gym or doing at-home workouts, rubber flooring for your home gym is the most important for keeping your body and floors protected. FitFloor aims to do this and more by using recycled vulcanized rubber to craft long-lasting, durable mats with superior shock absorption. These professional-grade rubber mats and tiles are low odour and feature non-porous, easy-to-clean surfaces that’ll keep your home gym bacteria-free and smelling fresh. Whether you lay down FitFloor to protect your floors from exercise equipment, or use it to ease the pressure on joints and muscles during workout classes, FitFloor is a valuable purchase that will keep you moving long term and prevent costly home repairs down the line.

Athletic Shoes

With every step, run, and jump you take during a workout, your weight bearing joints absorb a ton of force, and without a supportive pair of shoes, your body can experience long term wear and tear. That’s why investing in a good pair of shoes is a top priority. 

With today’s research and technology, you can find shoes that are targeted to your workout of choice and work to brace your feet and body for the ultimate protection. Athletic shoes don’t always have to be a splurge though – keep an eye out for sales from top brands like ReebokAsicsNikeUnder Armour, and more to put a little extra cash back in your pocket.

Compression Garments

Now available as socks, stockings, shirts, shorts, and arm sleeves, compression clothing has become an easy and valuable way to support and repair your body during and post-workout. Designed to increase blood flow and oxygen to working muscles for speedy recovery, compression clothing can also feature moisture-wicking technology to keep you dry and comfortable, and stabilize your muscles as you train so you can workout longer. Although this is an item many overlook, it’s a helpful addition to your fitness wardrobe, and when investing in higher quality brands like Under Armour, can be long lasting and essential to your body’s rehabilitation.

Home Gym Equipment

Home gym equipment

If you prefer to exercise from home and have made the decision to build a home gym space, investing in gym equipment that will provide you with the same level of comfort, safety, efficiency, and power as a professional gym is a splurge you don’t need to think twice about. Gym equipment and exercise machines cannot take shortcuts, and typically, the super inexpensive options are flimsy, short-lived and lack many of the capabilities and settings a professional-grade machine will have. By spending a little extra on your equipment, you’ll be able to get so much more in return.

If you’re not set on spending that much money on gym equipment but still want to create a home gym space, or are looking to alternate between gym and at-home workouts, look at splurging on more compact and portable equipment. Products like free weights, kettlebells, and a Bosu Balance Trainer are some valuable must-haves that will become a core part of your home training.

Workout Pants and Sport Bras

Today you can find workout clothing in just about every store and at every price point, but there are certain pieces that should prioritize quality over cost. Workout pants will experience the most friction and force than most other clothing items, so investing in high quality pants made of fabrics designed for fitness and training will be guaranteed to last for the long haul. 

The same goes for sports bras. As they’re intended to support you and provide comfort, splurging on a well made sports bra that is appropriate for your workout’s intensity level will ensure you have a well-fitted support garment that won’t shred to pieces after a few weeks. To balance out your budget, search for the best deals on clothes that don’t get the brunt of your workouts like jackets and layering tank tops.

Tracking Technology

This one is a bit of a toss up, but for those who are easily motivated by their progress and health statistics, splurging on a high-tech fitness tracker can be the best thing they can do for their fitness journey. Trackers like the Apple WatchGarmin Vivoactive Watch, or FitBit are now so advanced that they can provide a long list of health-focused metrics to track your activity and how your body responds to it. You can then review these results to determine what workouts and exercises work best for your conditioning and goals. Depending on your needs and preferences, some upgraded versions will also include additional features like sleep analysis, nutrition tracking, music support, and more.

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