Feeling motivated to create a functional home gym, but also feeling discouraged by your tight space and budget? Fear not, because at FitFloor we’re all about overcoming challenges and figuring out how to make the most of what you’ve got. 

While the benefits of working out in your own home are multifold, including saving time on your commute (read: 30 minutes can become seconds), saving money (a long-term gym membership is more expensive than a home gym), and increasing comfort (your music, your sweat, your shower, your towels), we understand that not everyone has a spare room and Peloton budget available. With that said, here are some ways your dream home gym can become a reality:


It all starts with what’s under your feet. Why? FitFloor’s commercial grade rubber flooring is extremely durable, manufactured with the density to protect your flooring, keep you safe by protecting your joints and providing the necessary traction and cushion, reduce noise and vibrations, and eliminate bacteria with a non-porous surface. Whether you have the space that can take a permanent flooring solution, or you need to tuck it away when not in use, FitFloor has the answers with a wide range of high-performance options, including easy-to-install interlocking tiles and shock absorbent mats available at a variety of price points. 


Space is precious and necessity is the mother of invention. So, with that in mind, your small home gym will need to be an organized, clutter-free space. Not only will this make the space (especially when it’s a multi-purpose space such as a living room) functional as a workout space but will also provide motivation to get moving. 

What are the best ways to store your home gym essentials? The walls. Yes, think vertically here because shelving in your small gym will be a lifesaver. Vertical storage such as wall-mounted shelves or open shelving units with storage bins can keep your workout towels, water bottles, sneakers, speakers, and rolled up mats within arm’s reach. As well, making use of hooks to hang resistance bands and unused wine racks to house light weights will keep your floor uncluttered and ready for use. 


Maybe you don’t have the funds (or the desire) for a Peloton yet, but there are many ways to get an incredibly effective workout in a small home gym. By not being married to any one way to get fit, you’ll open a whole new world of fitness.

Cardio equipment is both the bulkiest and priciest equipment that goes into a home gym. You can get your heart rate soaring with minimal equipment and won’t be saddled with machines you won’t necessarily use. Here are our recommendations for small pieces that will work well in your home gym and on your physique:

Jump Rope: Skipping will get your heart rate soaring. Consider purchasing a jump rope with removable handle weights, so you can amp up the resistance as you improve.

Adjustable Dumbbell: You don’t need a whole set to get pumped up. Save space and money with an adjustable one, one that won’t require a rack (these take up space) and can be easily tucked away when not in use.

Kettlebell: Kettlebells are versatile, with many workout options and ways to effectively work your core, arms, legs, and back. Just make sure before you get started that you have ample space to swing them around!

Resistance Bands: These bands are key to strength training, are easy to work with, and even easier to store.

Pull-Up Bar: While gym-goers usually do pull-ups on a power rack, this is a huge piece of equipment in a small space. Install a pull-up bar in the door frame and discover how such a small piece of equipment can yield results in building arm and back strength.

What else can help you with both your small space and limited budget? Avoid exercise gimmicks – these purchases will become dust collectors, promising immediate results but never delivering. As well, if you are in the market for larger items such as treadmills, we recommend checking Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace for gently used pieces.

Finally, bodyweight exercises such as burpees and lunges require no equipment, and there is a plethora of YouTube-guided and app-based workouts to ensure you’ll never be bored again.


Feeling cramped? Here are a few tricks that can give the illusion of a roomier home gym:

Mirrors: Double the appearance of your home gym by installing full-length (or even a wall of) mirrors. Not only will it have a huge impact on your home gym but will also help you checking your form.

Natural Light: Try to set up your home gym in a space with light – it will make the room feel more spacious and bring a natural energy that can be motivating.

White Walls: Surround yourself with white walls – white is a highly reflective colour and can make smaller areas look bigger.

Follow these tips to clear the path and achieve all your fitness goals within the comfort of your home. To learn more about FitFloor’s high-performance products and services, contact us at support@fitfloor.com.

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