It’s a new year and one of the most common new year’s resolutions is to exercise more. But beginning your fitness journey can be overwhelming and discouraging, so we’re here to help you find your way. Check out FitFloor’s ultimate guide to starting your fitness journey and staying motivated, even during the cold and dark winter months!

Set SMART Goals

The first step in beginning your fitness journey is to set out goals that will keep you motivated and guide you on your path to health. But don’t just set any goals, set SMART goals. 

SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and anchored within a Time frame. They aim to set you up for success by being strategic and supported by an action plan. If a goal isn’t SMART, it’s likely unattainable.

Here’s an example of a SMART goal: 

I want to lose 10lbs in 30 days by going to the gym once a week, taking an online workout class twice a week, and going for a 30 minute walk every morning. 

When determining your SMART goals, try to avoid macro goals that feel out of reach. Setting micro goals allows you to remain focused and it’s these little victories that will keep you motivated and committed to your fitness journey.

Create a Weekly Fitness Schedule That Works Best For You

A weekly fitness schedule that’s tailored to your day-to-day life and interests helps you to establish consistency, plan ahead, and build habits that will translate into a long term lifestyle. 

When creating a schedule, use your current routine as a guide to craft a realistic regimen that you can stick to. If you find you have the most energy in the morning, maybe a workout before going into the office is the most efficient. If you typically do chores on Saturdays, plan for a lighter workout that won’t leave you burnt out. You can then find classes, activities, and workout styles that fit into these plans for a weekly schedule that keeps you organized and motivated for the long run.

To help keep the wheels turning, you also want a workout routine that you genuinely enjoy and makes you excited to get up and move.

Today’s fitness community offers a wide variety of classes and workouts that are targeted to different personalities, hobbies, experience levels, and more. By connecting with your personal interests, you can find the FUN in your fitness journey and begin to build positive habits. Past dancers may love Barre and yoga classes to get their heart rate up and increase flexibility. Do you get bored easily? High intensity interval training (HIIT) may be best to keep you engaged and energized. The options are truly endless so find what you enjoy most and what works with your lifestyle.

Start Small and Work Your Way Up

Oftentimes when someone begins their fitness journey, they start BIG. They aim for long, high intensity workouts every day, and make major changes immediately to their routine and diet. But the fitness journey is a marathon, not a sprint, and the biggest and most important step is getting started, even if it’s in a small way. Beginning your journey with a 10-pound deadlift or a 20-minute walk can quickly turn into a 100-pound and 5k run! 

Create a Home Gym Space

Half the battle of reaching your fitness goals is getting yourself out the door and to the gym – even more so in the colder months. By creating a home gym, you remove that added obstacle and create some flexibility in your own schedule.

FitFloor has made it even easier to create a safe and clean home gym in any part of the house.

Specializing in commercial quality gym rubber flooring for the home, FitFloor not only protects your floors but also your body. Available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to best suit your needs, FitFloor uses recycled vulcanized rubber to craft long-lasting, durable mats with superior shock absorption for the ultimate protection, and with its’ poreless surface, also prevents the buildup of bacteria and body odors from remaining in your home. A must have for any home gym, FitFloor is committed to keeping you moving longer.

Looking to recreate your gym at home? Learn more about how to build your dream home gym here. (link to December blog).

Use Fitness Tech and Apps for a Boost

Fitness Tech and Apps

Technology has made a huge impact on the fitness industry and there are now dozens of high-tech equipment and apps that can add convenience for at-home workouts and keep you on track for success. Here are a few of our favourite tech-savvy tools, equipment, and apps that will spark your fitness journey and motivate you daily.

Equipment and Accessories

  • Apple Watch – Apple has made it easy to track progress on everything from your activity to your heart rate and even oxygen levels, all from your wrist.
  • Smart Scales – There’s more than just the number on the scale. Smart scales like the Withings Smart Scale help to understand what your weight means by breaking down your muscle mass, body fat, water retention, and more.
  • Mirror – Ideal for small spaces, the Mirror doubles as a mirror and smart screen with  thousands of on-demand workout classes and machine learning to deliver real-time feedback and results.
  • Wireless Earphones – Wireless earphones like Apple’s AirPods or Beats by Dre’s Powerbeats Pro allow you to wirelessly listen and control your music so you can stay hyped up without missing a step.


  • My Fitness Pal – Log meals and activities to track progress, and get tips and advice, while being a part of a fitness community.
  • FitOn – Use FitOn’s massive library for home workouts with renowned trainers.
  • Sworkit – Perfect for beginners, find your ideal home workout based on your interests, fitness goals, and schedule.
  • Jefit – Targeted to strength training, find at-home workouts and tracking tools all in one app.
  • MapMyRun by Under Armour – Track your running routes while getting personalized tips and creating challenges with friends.

Hold Yourself Accountable

Whether it’s with friends or in private, holding yourself accountable throughout your fitness journey helps to provide that extra push you may need to stay motivated. Depending on your comfort level, you can try tracking meal plans and activity in a journal or mobile app, sharing your weekly progress on social media, creating workout challenges with a group of friends, or working with a personal trainer. 

Stay Positive and Reward Yourself

Negativity and self-deprecation have no place in your fitness journey! Everyone faces challenges in their day-to-day life and although you may have bad days, it’s all about how you come back from it. Maybe you skipped a workout or ate that piece of cake in the fridge. But tomorrow is a new day where you can reset and start again. And when you have a great day? Reward yourself! Accomplishing a goal in your fitness journey takes hard work and determination and you deserve to celebrate that.

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