Building a home gym is a big step and takes some planning. You have to invest some time, thought and money, but it’s ultimately so worth it. The health benefits are obvious but there are plenty of extra reasons to take the leap. Here are the top 5 benefits of building a home gym.

Time is Invaluable

Is anything more valuable than time? Imagine a gym open 24/7 where you’re the only member, with zero travel time. Many of us attend the gym to add years to our lives. Even if your gym’s nearby, say 10 minutes travel each way, and you go 3 times a week, that’s 52 hours of additional time per year you could be saving. That’s extra time with your family, working on other projects, or it could be spent in the gym itself. Plus, it’s a lot harder to procrastinate and gripe about the process of getting ready and to or from the gym when it’s 10 meters away.

Travel isn’t the only time a home gym could save you. How much time do you waste queuing for equipment, chatting to people, watching others workout, getting distracted by all the constant activity around you, or stopping off on your way home? How long does it take to pack your bag beforehand and shower after?

Finally, many of us have treasured memories of going out to the garage and watching one of our parents work or hanging around them as they did simple round-the-house tasks. If you have a family, a home gym could mean getting in some quality family time while also doing your workout.

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It’s a Private Club

For many people, their health is private and personal. You could be at any point in your fitness journey. Especially when starting out, not everyone feels comfortable having others watch them sweat, strain, or stretch. At home, only people who you trust and who support you will see you working out.

female athlete skipping intensely in a home gym

Gyms can also be intimidating places. Usually, people are just focused on their own workout, but whether they intend to or not, they’re posturing, appear aggressive, judgemental, or unwelcoming. It varies gym to gym how correct this analysis is, but either way, working out at home in private can help assuage these fears and can let you feel comfortable taking your fitness journey at your own pace.

It’s Cheaper in the Long Run

Building your own home gym vs paying to go to one is a lot like buying vs renting a home. Yes, paying a fee each month instead of shelling out for an expensive piece of equipment (or several) all at once may seem like the more affordable option, but if you’re a serious gym goer then why not invest for the long term? With rising rates, annual fees, and added little costs, gyms are not cheap places to attend.

Sure, there are more upfront costs in building a home gym. You want to make every part feel like a real gym environment, starting from the floor. But these initial costs are a small investment in your health versus paying for a shared space that is never really yours. If you install a home gym, you pay for everything once and have it for ever. Your gym equipment also won’t depreciate in value as much as you think if you buy high-quality products. And they are built to last.

  • Treadmills last 7 to 12 years, averaging 10 years.
  • Ellipticals, exercise bikes, and strength machines last up to 20 years.
  • Barbells and weights can last a lifetime.

Consistency, Flexibility, and Spontaneity

You want to keep a consistent workout schedule, but something always comes up. With a home gym, you can almost always find an hour in the day for a quick workout, especially when you don’t have to worry about travel time, traffic, or queues. You can either walk 20 feet from your bedroom first thing each morning to keep a consistent wake-up routine, or you can drop in at 9 o’clock at night when the baby finally nods off – you can even bring the monitor with you, which isn’t possible when you work out elsewhere.

ripped athlete doing core exercises in a home gym

You can easily multitask and be there for your family; throw on a load of laundry or get dinner started in between sets. There’s no need to pay for childcare while you’re at the gym when you can easily oversee them while working out at home.

A Healthy Environment

On the subject of family, if your young children see you exercising frequently, working each day to push yourself, it will instil the idea in them that it’s a part of everyday life. Building these early habits is important. For example, people who don’t eat a lot of fast food often say they grew up in a house with a lot of homecooked meals. Tell a child to exercise and they might complain and rebel, but do it around them and they’ll get the itch to join in. Plus, kids help parents stay youthful. By incorporating kids’ fitness into the home gym environment, you are enjoying quality time while helping them build a healthy habit for the rest of their lives.

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