It’s undeniable that the padlocked gyms and the need for germ-free spaces has changed many people’s fitness routines. What the pandemic has also done is shine the light on the many benefits of creating the ultimate home gym, one that is convenient, comfortable, and affordable.

Before jumping onto treadmills and Pelotons, prior to hoisting dumbbells and swinging kettlebells, you must first address the most important feature of your home gym: the floor. The flooring you choose can either set you up for sweaty success or fast-track you to fitness failure. And while the choices might initially be confusing (rubber and foam and plastic, oh my!), we’re here to distill it down and guide you on your home gym journey. Here are the top 10 reasons you need FitFloor’s premium, high performance rubber flooring home gym rubber flooring.

  1. EXTREME DURABILITY: FitFloor’s commercial-grade gym rubber flooring is built to last and will serve up professional results, providing maximum strength, reliability, and traction in your home gym for the long run. These rubber home gym floors are durable enough to withstand the impact of the toughest fitness routines and the rigors of free weights and heavy machinery.
  1. EASE OF INSTALLATION: Not big into DIY? Fear not. FitFloor has taken all the pressure off by thoughtfully designing and engineering their rubber flooring. With a variety of thickness and styles to meet consumer needs, the interlocking tiles (and tiles with removeable edges!) are created using a cutting-edge technology that ensures there are no uneven surfaces or tile separation. Tile joints easily lock together to give a virtually seamless, professional look while helping to prevent tripping and stumbling.
  1. FLOOR PROTECTION: With 20% more rubber than other recycled rubber flooring, FitFloor serves up superior density and shock absorption, thus allowing it to better protect your floor from the rigors of your workout. Without that protection, imagine what 500-pound deadlift can do to an unprotected floor…gouges galore. In addition to protecting your floor, high quality rubber flooring will also mitigate the wear and tear on your home gym equipment.


  1. SAFETY FIRST: As mentioned, rubber flooring will keep your equipment protected, and it will also keep it in place. As well, rubber flooring in your home gym will absorb impact, stopping dropped weights from dangerously bouncing back up, and with the traction provided, will keep you grounded, balanced, and increase your stability.


  1. JOINT PROTECTION: FitFloor’s high density rubber flooring, with the ideal balance of elasticity and rigidity, offers up excellent shock absorption and optimal cushioning during your workout. Whatever level of fitness you are, you can rest assured that the impact on your bones, joints, and muscles will be reduced when working out atop rubber flooring.


  1. NOISE REDUCTION: While you might enjoy running on the treadmill, the rest of the household might not want to hear it. With that in mind, ultra-dense rubber flooring is great at reducing the noise and vibrations that might occur in your home gym.
  1. ANTI-MICROBIAL: FitFloor rubber flooring isn’t only easy to install, it’s also super easy to clean. The smooth, non-porous surface repels moisture and bacteria, and is the key to maintaining a most hygienic and safe space for you and your family.
  1. ECO-FRIENDLY: FitFloor takes recycled crumb rubber from end-of-life tires and fuses it together under extreme heat and pressure to form solid, non-porous rubber flooring. This is a flooring solution that isn’t only good for you – it also benefits the environment.
  1. LOW ODOUR: Chances are you’re going to be doing a fair bit of deep inhaling and exhaling in your home gym, so naturally you don’t want any flooring that emits noxious fumes in an enclosed space. FitFloor’s premium vulcanized rubber flooring, with its low odour profile, will keep you breathing easy.
  1. MOTIVATIONAL: Your home gym will look like a “real” gym with the premium rubber flooring from FitFloor. Not only will it keep you motivated from the first step, but it will also have you working out in style.

It’s clear that rubber flooring is the #1 choice for creating your dream home gym. FitFloor’s lineup of high-performance, professional-grade rubber flooring will elevate your home gym and always keep pace with you!

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