While the convenience and time efficiencies are major perks of having a home gym, figuring out the best workouts and the time spent on them can be exhausting. We’ve got suggestions below on some of our favorite at-home workouts you can do in your home gym.

Leg Workouts at Home

When planning your workout schedule, plan at least 15-20 minutes for your legs, three days a week. Getting a good workout on your legs is surprisingly easy, no matter where you are. Some of the leg workouts you can do from home include lunges, squats, and jumps. Some moves to learn would be the Bulgarian split squat, alternating jump lunge, and mountain climber. You can add dumbbells with your lunges or squats to make it more challenging. If you want to include some equipment, learn moves like the dumbbell reverse lunge, squat hold pulse, and the dumbbell lateral lunge. It’s best that you choose six exercises to make up a superset. Do each superset (two exercises) three times before moving to the next superset. Take your time and make sure to breathe for 30 seconds between supersets.

Ab Workouts at Home

Ideally, you should be hitting your abs for 10-15 minutes, at least twice a week. But don’t worry, we’re not just going to suggest situps! You’ve got four groups of muscles in your abs, so you want to make sure you’re rotating your ab exercises and targeting each of those groups equally. Some ab workouts can include resistance bands and light weights for your core, which will give you a great workout. But for abs, you don’t need anything other than a mat to smash some serious ab workouts at home. Learn exercises like the bicycle crunch, air chop, and plank-to-toe touch.

Cardio Workouts at Home

Cardio is one of the most important exercises to get into your routine every day for at least 30 minutes. You can spread it out over the day or aim for an intense, short burst while you’re working out. Of course, you can use equipment such as a bike or treadmill, but again, you can achieve great cardio workouts at home by doing a few reps of mountain climbers, squat jumps, or jumping rope. 

It’s easy to focus more on equipment when building your home gym. However, you need to make sure you’ve got adequate room to move and an appropriate surface to work out on. Every home gym should start with rubber flooring. This will ensure you’re protecting yourself and your subfloor from the rigors of your workouts.  

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